Offline Rates is an app that calculates currency exchange rates, even without internet connection!


How it works:

- Offline Rates downloads a fresh copy of the money exchange rates from around the world when you have an internet connection.

- Whenever you go for a cruise, or turned on airplane mode, the exchange rate numbers are still stored in the app.

- Go ahead and then open the app again without internet connection, you will still be able to calculate money exchange rates.

- Note that if you don't have internet connection, your offline exchange rate will not be live. The accuracy of the rates are as of the date that the app downloaded the data.


How to use the app:

- When you first opened the app, a keyboard is shown.

- Select the exchanging currency by either touching the blue bar in the middle, or by touching a currency on the table.

- Enter the money value of the exchanging currency

- You will be able to see the converted money values for currencies around the world